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Long-legged & Rough-legged Buzzards – Trevor Boyer

Long-legged And Rough-legged Buzzards - Trevor Boyer - Acrylic

Long-legged And Rough-legged Buzzards – Trevor Boyer

These buzzards are most often seen in its winter range, the Rough-legged Buzzard is distinguished from the slightly smaller Common Buzzard by its paler plumage which is on head and neck, a white dark-barred tail.   The dark or rufous general appearance of the Long-legged Buzzard help to identify this species.

Artist: Trevor Boyer
Picture size: 22cms x 20cms
Medium:  Acrylic
Signed by Artist
Price:  £450

This picture is illustrated in the book “Bird of Prey of the World” by Philip Burton. Page 123


Viewing by appointment only

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