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Chilbolton Evening Feed – Philip Rickman

Chilbolton Evening Feed - P Rickman - watercolour

Chilbolton Evening Feed – Philip Rickman

A delightful picture of Pheasants feeding in a field.

Rickman’s fondness and interest in birds led to him briefly studying in Paris before returning to London to study under George Edward Lodge at his studio in Kensington, London.

They became great friends and through Lodge, Rickman came to know Thorburn.
There was little doubt that Rickman’s paintings bore the influence of Thorburn in both accuracy and shades of colour, particularly his game birds and wildfowl.

In 1920 he held his first exhibition in the Greatorex Gallery in Bond Street, London. After this his talents were recognised by the “Field” and many other sporting publications.

He later exhibited through Embletons and the Tryon Gallery. He illustrated and published many books and has always enjoyed a keen following

Artist: Philip Rickman
Picture size: 34cms x 25cms
Medium: Watercolour
Signed by Artist

Price: £225


Viewing by appointment only